What is seed slay the spire?

What is seed slay the spire?

seeds determines the "random outcomes", with the same seeds, all of the random outcomes will be exactly the same between runs given that you repeat the exact same choices you made in the same order.

What happens when you beat the heart slay the spire?

As a reward for defeating the Corrupt Heart, you will get to see a small illustration of your character defeating them and completing the Spire, as well as see a little more of the story, potentially hinting at things to come.

Is runic Pyramid good?

Its especially good in combo decks or decks, 0 cost decks, or exhaust/discard decks. Its still good in any other decks too, but you will want to start drafting around it once you pick it up.

Does runic pyramid count as retain?

Runic Pyramid having an effect similar to Retain, it does not Retain your hand, but merely prevents you from discarding your hand at the end of your turn.

How do you heal slay the spire?


  1. Burning Blood - Heals 6 HP at the end of each combat.
  2. Blood Vial - Heals 2 HP at the start of each combat.
  3. Toy Ornithopter - Heals 5 HP whenever the player uses a potion.
  4. Meat on the Bone - Heals 12 HP at the end of combat if the player's HP is at or below 50%.

How do you beat slay the spire collector?

In our experience, the best strategy is to focus on clearing the minions repeatedly with AOE (whirlwind and cleave work well), which will obviously hit the Collector in the process. Any minions you aren't able to kill should be hit with a weakening buff to keep them at bay.