Can you change your face in Destiny 2?

Can you change your face in Destiny 2?

You can change gender, body type, race, hair, tattoos, jewelry and clothes any time you like.

Does V die in every ending cyberpunk?

There are guides already. V dies in every ending. It's only a matter if you die before final mission, during final mission or few months after final mission.

What is the secret ending in Cyberpunk 2077?

Most hit 60% by the final mission and that doesn't seem to stop most people being able to access the Cyberpunk 2077 secret ending. The key thing is to basically let Johnny do what he wants - if he wants to smoke, drink, take over your body, let him. Just to be safe.

Is the secret ending worth it cyberpunk?

Cyberpunk 2077's secret ending could arguably be called the “best” ending. Without getting too much into spoilers, this ending saves the most lives by having V go through the final mission alone with Johnny.

Can I romance both river and Judy?

Requirements. V must meet specific requirements in order to romance someone. ... If V's body and voice match, they can pursue romances with two characters simultaneously with no consequences. Male V can romance both Panam and Kerry, while female V can romance both River and Judy.

Is there a way not to kill Maiko?

At the meeting with the two bosses of the Tyger Claws and Maiko, V can actively choose to work against Maiko without killing her. In this instance, the leaders will not take Maiko seriously, and players will have to kill off the two in the deal and Hiromi Sato.

Should I kill Woodman for Judy?

If you didn't kill Woodman during the main job, Automatic Love, Judy will ask you to go with her to kill him. You can agree to go with her or talk her down from doing it. Get in the elevator and the it to floor 3, which is the maintenance floor. Confront him there and he'll attack.

Can you sleep with Judy again cyberpunk?

Yes, it is. There's nothing more after the sex scene. EDIT: So after the sex scene with Judy, there's an option to enter a relationship with her. That's what I did.

How do you sleep with Judy?

In Judy's final side job, Pyramid Song, you have to accept her invite to go diving and then spend the night with her. Kiss her when given the option, and tell her this was the beginning of something nice when you speak with her the next morning. This if you make these choices, you will successfully romance Judy.

Does Judy always leave night city?

V's romantic interest will appear depending on who you choose to call when given the option on Misty's rooftop. Regardless of your choices, Panam and Judy will always leave Night City, and River and Kerry will always stay in Night City.