What is loaded words propaganda?

What is loaded words propaganda?

Loaded words, also known as weasel words, are words that are very descriptive and filled with emotion. These words are used to capture the consumers attention and influence their actions. They can be used in both a positive and negative way and appear in all sorts of advertisements.

Is greatly a loaded word?

in this case the word that is loaded is greatly.

What does bandwagon mean?

1 : a usually ornate and high wagon for a band of musicians especially in a circus parade. 2 : a popular party, faction, or cause that attracts growing support —often used in such phrases as jump on the bandwagon. 3 : a current or fashionable trend.

How can you tell if someone is a bandwagon?

15 Signs You're a Bandwagon Sports Fan

  1. You've never experienced a losing season in your life. ...
  2. You have more than one favorite team in a single sport. ...
  3. There is photographic evidence of you wearing a different team's fan apparel every year. ...
  4. You know less than half of the players on the team. ...
  5. You switched teams because you moved to a different city.

What does jumping on the band wagon mean?

(also get on the bandwagon) to join an activity that has become very popular or to change your opinion to one that has become very popular so that you can share in its success: After a couple of politicians won elections by promising to cut taxes, most of the others jumped on the bandwagon.

What is the meaning of climb the walls?

informal. : feeling very anxious or frustrated because one has a lot of energy but is unable to do something he or she wants to do Being stuck at home all weekend had me climbing the walls.

What is the meaning of put one's foot down?

to use your authority to stop something from happening: When she started borrowing my clothes without asking, I had to put my foot down.

What is the meaning of on the tip of one's tongue?

Ready to utter something but unable to remember it at the moment, as in I met him last year and his name is on the tip of my tongue—it'll come to me in a minute. [ Early 1700]

What is the meaning of on someone's case?

informal. : frequently criticizing someone or telling someone what to do Her brother is always on her case about the clothes she wears.

What causes Lethologica?

Causes. Lethologica's severity amongst sufferers is dependent upon a myriad of factors including stress, physical fitness, social interaction and base memory capacity. As such it can be classified as a 'lifestyle disease' which is also affected by individual personality traits.