Is it Loyalest or most loyal?

Is it Loyalest or most loyal?

Superlative form of loyal: most loyal.

What is the most loyal thing in the world?

List of Most Loyal Animals

  • Prairie Vole – Rodents Family. ...
  • Kirk's Dik-Dik Antelope – African Species. ...
  • Dogs – Human Beings First Friends. ...
  • Wolves – the Clever & Loyal Animal. ...
  • Angler fish – Loyal Animal of the Deep Sea. ...
  • Penguins – The most Caring Parents. ...
  • Parakeet – The Cute Loyal Birds in the Animal Kingdom.

What is a loyal person called?

Some common synonyms of loyal are constant, faithful, resolute, staunch, and steadfast.

What is the synonyms of loyal?


  • ardent.
  • devoted.
  • dutiful.
  • patriotic.
  • staunch.
  • steadfast.
  • trustworthy.
  • allegiant.

What is not loyalty?

: lacking in loyalty also : showing an absence of allegiance, devotion, obligation, faith, or support his disloyal refusal to help his friend.

What words describe loyalty?


  • allegiance, faithfulness, fidelity, obedience, fealty, adherence, homage, devotion, bond.
  • trueness, true-heartedness.
  • steadfastness, fastness, staunchness, dependability, reliability, trustiness, trustworthiness, duty, constancy, dedication, commitment.
  • firmness, stability, steadiness.
  • patriotism.

What is the difference between loyalty and respect?

The main difference between Respect and Loyalty is that the Respect is a feeling of regard for someone or something and Loyalty is a faithfulness or a devotion to a person, country, group, or cause.

Is loyalty a good quality?

On a more personal level, loyalty stands for commitment and dedication to another allowing respect and trust to flourish. Loyalty is important in both business and our personal lives. ... Loyalty is valuable because it allows us to take the risk of predicting the actions and behavior of people we trust. 3.

What are the evidence of loyalty?

Loyalty is the ability to put others before yourself and stick with them in good times and bad. Show loyalty to friends, family, and significant others by being honest, trustworthy, supportive, and generous. Maintain healthy boundaries with those around you so you can be loyal to them in a productive way.

Can you be loyal without love?

Most people don't love their partner or friends unconditionally. Really, it's only found in parents with any certainty, the love they have for their children, especially in mothers. Loyalty is part of love. There can be loyalty without love, like from duty or obligation or may be fear.

What is loyalty in a relationship?

Loyalty is faithfulness; not just avoiding temptation (but that too), but being faithful in all of your promises, keeping your word, following through on your plans and sticking with your partner til the end. Loyalty is steadfastness; knowing you can rely on each other.

What is loyalty in friendship?

Loyalty is staying true to someone. It is standing up for them in difficult times as well as when things are going well. It is loyalty that builds and strengthens those relationships. ... Being a loyal friend to someone is one way of beginning the building process of friendship. It begins by building a trust with them.

What is a honest friend?

You'll Know The Friendship Is Genuine Your friendship with someone who is blunt and honest is as real and true and it can possibly get. Their feelings towards you are not a secret and are neither understated nor overstated. An honest person would not pretend to be your friend!

What is a trustworthy friend?

Trustworthy friend is loyal- Someone who sticks by your side in times of need and won't sell you out for anything. They will defend you to others when no one believes in you and will leave you alone.

What does trustworthy look like?

Trustworthy people are honest. They match their words and feelings with their thoughts and actions. They do not think one thing and speak another. ... In addition to being honest themselves, trustworthy people strive to keep their associates honest by communication and constructive dialogue.

What does a trustworthy person look like?

A trustworthy person will use roughly the same behavior and language in any situation. They have the self-control to maintain character and follow through on what they say they'll do, even when they are tempted to walk it back. They won't wear different masks or pretend they're someone they're not just to impress.

How do you gain a friend's trust?

  1. Remain Honest. Always tell the truth, no matter what it may cost you. ...
  2. Keep a secret. While developing trust in friendship, it is important that you keep your friends secrets and not share it with others. ...
  3. Remain considerate. ...
  4. Make time. ...
  5. Listen. ...
  6. Encourage. ...
  7. Offer help. ...
  8. Sharing things.

How do you know if you can trust your best friend?

Assess if you feel comfortable sharing personal information with your friends. Ultimately, your friends are trustworthy if you feel that you trust them. If you feel comfortable with sharing personal information, and have no fears that they will use it against you or judge you, then that is what matters.

How do you trust someone again after they hurt you?

Rebuilding trust when you've hurt someone

  1. Consider why you did it. Before you embark on the process of rebuilding trust, you'll first want to check in with yourself to understand why you did it. ...
  2. Apologize sincerely. ...
  3. Give your partner time. ...
  4. Let their needs guide you. ...
  5. Commit to clear communication.

When you break a friend's trust?

While it will take a lot of hard work, it is possible to regain trust. You will have to start by giving your friend space — he or she may need extra time to heal after trust is broken. Offer a sincere apology, and ask for forgiveness. If your friend accepts your apology, give it time.

How do you rebuild trust in a relationship?

Rebuilding Trust

  1. Decide to forgive or to be forgiven. Make a conscious decision to love by trying to let go of the past. ...
  2. Be open to self-growth and improvement. You can't repair broken trust with just promises and statements of forgiveness. ...
  3. Be aware of your innermost feelings and share your thoughts. ...
  4. Want it to work.

What happens when trust is broken?

When trust is damaged, and not quickly repaired, relationships often fall apart. Couples who stay together where there's little if any trust fail to receive the benefits of being in a relationship such as improved health, emotional well-being, and a sense of joy, safety, and comfort.

How do you convince your best friend when she's mad?

Tell your friend whatever you feel about her within your heart. Make her realize what her friendship means to you and how much you love her. Apology is the cure to all wounds, tell her that you dint mean to hurt her but it just happened and you feel sorry for it. As friends this is something we all do.

How do you tell your BFF your sorry?

Tell your BFF that you are deeply sorry for hurting and or inconveniencing them. ”I am so sorry I hurt you.”...Ask for forgiveness.

  1. You may find it helpful to reiterate the key points of your apology. ...
  2. ”Please forgive me.”
  3. ”I hope you can forgive what I've done.”

How do you say sorry to a bestie?

I hope you can one day forgive me. Friends like you are not easy to come by, you are by far the best friend I've ever had in my life. That is why it is sad to see you go like this, especially over some stupid thing I did. I hope one day you can forgive me and we can continue being best friends for life!

How do I impress my angry best friend?

11 Ways You Can Calm Down An Angry Friend

  1. Be there when they need you.
  2. Be on call.
  3. Listen to them.
  4. Remind them that this too shall pass.
  5. Take them to their favourite place.
  6. Keep saying 'I understand how you feel'
  7. Lighten the situation with humour.
  8. Tell them to find a solution.

How do I impress my bestie?

Tips to make your best friend fall in love with you

  1. SHOW YOUR INTENT. The reason you're in the friend zone is that you were too afraid to show those feelings when you first met her. ...
  3. BUILD INTIMACY: How to flirt with a friend. ...

How do you make your bestie happy?

How to Cheer Someone Up: 51 Ways to Make a Friend Smile

  1. Ask Them If They Want Help. First off, find out if the person you're trying to cheer up actually wants your help! ...
  2. Simply Be There for Them. ...
  3. Take On a Creative Project Together. ...
  4. Leave Your Friend a Handwritten Note. ...
  5. Swing the Blues Away. ...
  6. Go Get Some Ice Cream. ...
  7. Do Whatever They Want to Do. ...
  8. Volunteer Together.

Why do friends start ignoring you?

The reasons why your best friend is ignoring you is because of you. Maybe you are too hard for a person to hold and they have had enough for it. You take them for granted and don't even thankful to them. Make up quickly after both of you are having a rough time.