Is Draco a powerful wizard?

Is Draco a powerful wizard?

Often overlooked, Draco is actually an incredibly powerful wizard who shows great power both during and after his time at Hogwarts. ... He performs complicated magic, crafts cunning plans and is even recruited by one of the most powerful wizards of all time.

Who did Draco kill?

Albus Dumbledore

Did Draco cry when Fred died?

Depressed Malfoy When Fred Weasley died, Draco felt sad that he was the reason. He actually found the Weasley twins quite amusing and enjoyed listening to their jokes. At Fred's funeral, which Draco attended, he stood at the back, careful not to be seen.

Why did Draco rip out a page?

malfoy ripped a page from a book because he wanted to. in that same film, malfoy stole somebody else's christmas present when harry and ron took the polyjuice potion and went to the slytherin common room. malfoy was a rude, arrogant, spoiled kid that did whatever he wanted.

What book does Draco rip a page out of?

Chamber of Secrets

What is Draco's Boggart?

Much of what is known about the characters' Boggarts comes from the video game, LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4. In this game, it becomes clear that Draco Malfoy's Boggart is Lord Voldemort. Draco's fear of Voldemort likely comes from different reasons than others have.

Does Draco have feelings for Hermione?

Even J.K. Rowling considered Dramione. Rowling even suggested that Draco bullying Hermione was like adolescent hair pulling on the playground. She has also said that his secret feelings for her did in fact influence his actions at the Malfoy Manor and the final battle of Hogwarts.

Did Draco crush on Ron?

Plot Twist: Draco had a crush on Ron Weasley and teamed up with Myrtle to spy on Ron taking a bath in the prefect's bathroom.