How do people get named Thralls?

How do people get named Thralls?

The fighter/ archer thralls are a random (rare) spawn of other archers/fighters afaik. Be aware that two of the fighter spawns in the volcano have similar luck with the lava.

Do named Thralls Respawn?

They do infact respawn. Some seem to have a guaranteed spawn, typically fighters and archers whereas other thralls have a chance to spawn in place of another.

How long do Thralls stay unconscious?

24 hours

Do you have to feed your Thralls Conan exiles?

They do get a buff from food, but it's not necessary for them to live.

What's the best bow in Conan exiles?

Reach of the Red Mother

What is the most powerful weapon in Conan exiles?

Telith's Sorrow greatsword

Are bows good in Conan exiles?

Archery is okay for softening up your enemies before they get close, but is less than optimal as your sole combat option. If you have to fight against three NPCs you may be able to kill one and wound another before they reach you.

Are there guns in Conan exiles?

There is no shortage of Weapons in Conan Exiles. Each weapon offers you different abilities and stats, while also requiring different upgrades to even build.

Can you dual wield swords in Conan exiles?

The option of which weapons that can be used varies in different classes, but no other weapons than One-Handed Edged, One-Handed Blunt, Dagger and Talisman can be dual wielded.

What is better flawless or exceptional Conan exiles?

Standard gear will have your standard stats. While "Exceptional" gear will have higher armor rating and higher attribute bonuses. And then "Flawless" gear will have the highest armor rating and highest attribute bonus for that armor piece.

How do you make an exceptional item Conan?

For exceptional weapons, you can get their recipes from any Blacksmith III at any clan. When you finally have your hands on one, you'll have to head over to the nearest Blacksmith's Bench or Improved Blacksmith's Bench to craft it.

How do you craft in Conan exiles?

Hand-Crafting: Many basic items, and even some advanced objects, can be built directly from your inventory screen. This is how you'll make basic tools and most crafting stations. If you have enough resources in your inventory, just select the item you want to make, hit craft, and wait for the item to be finished.