How do you beat whisper harbinger hard mode?

How do you beat whisper harbinger hard mode?

Stagger Croceo, then deal as much damage as possible to Croceo to pass it along to Whisper Harbinger and destroy Croceo. Once Croceo's dead, turn your attention to Viridi, Stagger it, then kill it and another vision will appear.

Were there whispers in the original FF7?

Red XIII describes the Whispers in FF7 Remake as "arbiters of fate" who ensure no one alters destiny's course. ... Yet one thorough researcher argues that the Whispers have appeared throughout the FF7 compilation, including the original FF7.

Will aerith die in FF7 remake?

No Clear Answer for Now. Although Aerith's death was an essential development in the Original Final Fantasy 7, it's up in the air whether she will survive or not in the Remake.

Is Zack alive in FF7 remake?

In the canon timeline of events, Zack never does make it to Midgar, but once you've completed the boss fight the Whispers vanish, and Zack appears to survive the fight that originally kills him. ... This could also show that Aerith senses Zack's alive in another timeline.

Why did they kill Zack Fair?

Top Voted Answer. Shinra wanted to kill Zack because it's all part of their company policy to cover up all forms of wrong-doing associated to them. Rather than coming out and admit that they messed up here and there, they simply erase all evidence of anything that can make the company look bad.

Does aerith love Cloud or Zack?

Aeris and Cloud are actually, legitimately friends. Zack was kind of just this guy she hung out with every once in a while between deployments. it's difficult to say. zack and aerith were very much a case of puppy love, but despite him vanishing from her life, she 1.

Does TIFA love Zack?

She clearly still loves zack. It's cloud and tifa all the way. From what I am seeing, you seem to be looking for certainty when there isn't necessarily any certainty. One could argue the entire point of how romance was handled in FFVII (and in the Compilation in general) was to convey a sense of ambiguity/ambivalence.

Who is Cloud's true love?


Who is Cloud's girlfriend?

Tifa Lockheart

Who was aerith in love with?


Are Cloud and Tifa married?

They're not married but they're not friends either. They're lovers.

Does rude like TIFA?

Rude has an apparent crush on Tifa. In Final Fantasy VII, he is scripted to not attack her during his boss battles unless she is the only party member still active. ... In Final Fantasy VII Remake, he avoids harming both Tifa and Aerith during his boss encounters.