How many times can you run a dungeon in wow?

How many times can you run a dungeon in wow?

You can run a Normal dungeon 10 times per hour by leaving the dungeon and resetting your instances. There are two kinds of lock out for dungeons - soft lockout and hard lockout. Soft lockout is what you get from simply completing the instance.

Are instance lock account-wide?

Yes it is account-wide. I do arena runs on my warrior, and when he's locked out, my alt-mage also got lock out. Raid instance is different.

How often can you do zg?

There is no attunement required to enter Zul'Gurub, and the reset timer on the raid is 72 hours (basically, every 3 days).

Can you 10 man ZG?

You can pretty much dumpster ZG with 10 man, it's piss easy.

How do you beat Jin do the Godbreaker solo?

A simple procedure to follow is:

  1. Pull a Spirit Warrior to the platform.
  2. Allow it to slam one party member and break a brittle barrier.
  3. Keep the Spirit Warrior within the slam de-buff, and kill it.
  4. Kill the chain, before the slam de-buff zone expires if possible.
  5. Repeat with the next two chains.

Can you solo Zul Gurub?

Yes, use part DPS and part tanking gear, you should be able to easily solo the entire instance if you have 264+ gear.

How do you summon GRI lek?

Gri'lek is a troll berserker ghost boss that can randomly spawn from the Edge of Madness event in Zul'Gurub. The summoning of a random boss requires a player with an Archaeology skill level of 225 to inspect several ancient artifacts and activate them. This NPC can be found in Zul'Gurub .

How rare is the Swift Zulian Panther?

Source. This item is a very rare drop from High Priestess Kilnara in Zul'Gurub with a droprate of approximately ~1%.