What is trials of the nine Destiny 2?

What is trials of the nine Destiny 2?

The Trials of the Nine, replacing the old Trials of Osiris, is a weekly challenge that has you attempt to win seven matches in a row of a specific featured Crucible mode.

How do you get trials auto rifle?

To get this weapon you're going to have to run Trials of Osiris. This is the PVP game mode available every Friday and the rewards rotate each week. You get rewards at 3, 5, 7 wins and when you go to the lighthouse (flawless run).

How do you do the Rat King nightfall?

Do two public events with someone using Rat King. Do two Crucible matches with someone using Rat King (Scorch matches don't count, which I tried). Do any Nightfall with someone using Rat King (this used to be do a Nightfall with 5 minutes left back when they were on a timer, now you just have to beat it).

How do I redo enemy of my enemy?

If you have completed the Enemy of my Enemy quest previously (the Rat King quest chain) you DON'T need to be in the heroic quest. You just need to go to the same location and it will say 'Door Unlocked', open it walk in, down the stairs on your right, look to your left and pick up the Fallen iPad.

How do you get abandoned quests in Destiny 2?

The Quest Archive is where you will find old or abandoned quests in Destiny 2. To locate the Quest Archive, first navigate to the Tower in the Director. Load in at the main spawn point, the Courtyard.