How much health does the alpha Broodmother have?

How much health does the alpha Broodmother have?

Summons up to 7 Araneo minions. Only 20 minions be active at a time. Used intermittently. The Broodmother shoots a projectile that reduces movement speed by 50% for 10 seconds....Base Stats and Growth.
AttributeBase ValueLevel Increase

How much damage does the Broodmother do?

Vomit: The broodmother spits toxin in arcs in front of her, dealing 40 nature damage to all creatures within 5m. This ability can hit up to 3 times. Other darkspawn are also affected.

Does the Broodmother spawn on Valguero?

Yes it does. My friend had just killed it and went inside the cave. Like 30 seconds later, I go there and she respawned, though this time she had more HP and was invisible for some reason.

Can you take gigas into boss fights?

You can't bring gigas into boss fights.

Is Ark possible solo?

It's impossible to play ARK solo or duo.

Can you ascend on scorched earth?

There's no proper ascension on scorched earth. After you beat the map, just go to an obelisk and upload them.

Are Raptors good in Ark?

Raptors are quite common around the island, and are extremely ruthless and powerfull in low-end game. Although they are not a menace mid-game, they still pack a punch.

Do Raptors still pounce ark?

Wild Raptors no longer pounce!