What are ability kills in Destiny 2?

What are ability kills in Destiny 2?

Void ability kills are anything that you kill with an ability from a void based subclass: void super, void grenade, void melee (charged) :) You have 3 different burns , void, solar, arc.

What is a solar ability kill in destiny?

Sun Warrior- Solar Ability kills restore your health. Grenade and Melee Ability kills leave a deadly Sunspot in their wake. Rings of Fire- While standing in a Sunspot, your Solar Abilities recharge faster and your Super lasts longer. ... While standing in Sunspots, you throw hammers faster.

What is an arc kill in destiny two?

What are Arc Kills in game? It's very self-explanatory what Arc kills are. They are kills with arc energy from any source, whether it be from your weapons or your subclass abilities.

What are solar weapons?

Solar mods can be installed only into Solar armor. They mostly revolve around Auto Rifles, Fusion Rifles, Linear Fusion Rifles, Submachine Guns and Rocket Launchers, as well as grenade abilities, and also provide resistance to Solar damage.

What is the void destiny?

The Void is the name given to the substrate that underlies the physical universe; its precise nature is unclear, as it covers many areas. It is described as a place absent of Light, Darkness and matter, and is the source of Void energy, also called "Secret Light" for those such as the Guardians.

What does energy type do Destiny 2?

When players max out a piece's capacity at 10, the armor also gets a small stat boost. Each armor piece also rolls with a random energy type. This dictates the types of mods players can socket into the piece. ... If you want a Hand Cannon Reloader mod, you'll need to socket it into a Void armor piece.