What's the character of Warden?

What's the character of Warden?

The Warden is a villainous and menacing person. She enforces the rules by threatening to scratch offenders with her nails, which are polished with rattlesnake venom. The Warden never gets the buried treasure. She is forced to close Camp Green Lake and sell her land, which eventually becomes a Girl Scout Camp.

What is the warden eternal?

The Warden Eternal, also simply known as the Warden, is a Forerunner artificial intelligence assigned to act as the protector of the Domain.

How do you kill warden eternal?

The key to beating Warden Eternal is to hit the big glowy bit on his back, as is so often the case with video game bosses. However, hitting this is almost always difficult. Unless you are playing cooperatively, Warden Eternal will almost always be facing you, making hitting his back nearly impossible.

Can you assassinate warden eternal?

It is possible to assassinate the Warden Eternal. This is only possible when his health is extremely low, which is denoted by him performing an animation in which he places both of his arms down and to the side and looks up at the sky in pain.

Where do I turn in the wardens world quest?

Once finished, a question mark on the world map indicates where to turn it in. For this one, it's Marin Bladewing at Warden's Redoubt (the flight point on the southern island) in Azsuna (48,2 73,9). The rewards are: 1500 reputation with The Wardens.

How do I get warden reputation?

For the Wardens, you gain reputation by completing world quests in any Broken Isles zone. Each quest will normally award 50-350 reputation, depending on the goal. These quests have varying reset times, depending on the reward, so they will not always be available.

How do you gain rep with Highmountain?

How to Gain Reputation with the Highmountain Tribe. Gaining reputation with Highmountain Tribe is relatively simple—-quest through Highmountain to reach Honored, then complete World Quests in Highmountain at level 110 for additional reputation.

Are vulpera good?

What good is the Vulpera race? Fun and happiness. It's great for farming stuff. 8 extra bag slots, a free hearth that can be set anywhere in the overworld.

Is vulpera playable?

To be clear: The vulpera are not available in World of Warcraft yet. They'll be released with update 8.