Does Shiro come back?

Does Shiro come back?

Shiro appears to have died, but is next seen escaping captivity by the Galra empire. He returns to the Voltron force and resumes his status as the Black Paladin after Keith chooses to become a full-fledged member of the Blade of Marmora.

Is Shiro Dead Season 3?

Season 3 finds the team looking for Shiro while the Galra regroups under new leadership. ... It also turns out Shiro is alive and well, though he's held prisoner by the Galra. Shiro eventually escapes, though this is later revealed to be a ploy by his captors.

Do Shiro and Adam get married?

The writers could have had Allura change reality in some manner to save Adam. It would have been better than the random guy Shiro tied the knot with. Furthermore, the rest of the Paladins weren't shown to be married. They ended up working to make the galaxy better.

Who did Keith end up with?

2 Was He Supposed To End Up With Allura Some fans expected Keith and Allura to eventually end up together because they did in previous versions of the story. In fact, he married her and became the King of her people in the animated series.

Is Adam dead in Voltron?

Adam W. is an officer and ace pilot of the Galaxy Garrison acting as an instructor to younger cadets. He is Shiro's ex-fiance. Adam dies during Sendak's occupation of Earth.

Was Adam Shiro's boyfriend?

One of the biggest revelations from this year's Voltron: Legendary Defender panel at San Diego Comic-Con was the revelation that Shiro — former Paladin of the Black Lion and leader extraordinaire — is gay and, prior to his departure, romantically involved with another Garrison officer named Adam.

Does Keith rejoin Voltron?

When Shiro disappears at the end of Season 2, Keith reluctantly takes over as paladin of the Black Lion and leader of Voltron. He has Galran ancestry through his mother, a member of the rebel faction called Blade of Marmora. ... When it turns out Shiro is a clone under Haggar's control, Keith returns as the Black Paladin.

Is Netflix Voltron over?

Voltron Season 8 Is The Final Season Voltron season 8 is truly the final battle for the Paladins. The season 8 finale wraps up each characters' arc and brings an end to their conflict with the Galra.

What season does Zarkon die?

"Zarkon is Dying" is the eighteenth episode of the lion series of Voltron: Defender of the Universe.

Why did Keith leave Voltron?

After crash landing on Earth while trying to protect the Blue Lion from the Galra Empire, she and Keith's father fell in love. Not long after Keith's birth, Krolia made the decision to re-infiltrate the Empire in order to cover up the Lion's location, leaving Keith and his father behind.