Where do I farm riven mods?

Where do I farm riven mods?

The primary way to get Riven Mods is from Sorties. Sorties are a particular set of missions with modifiers you can run once a day.

Do KUVA weapons have different rivens?

As a result, players who equip a Riven on one of these Kuva weapons may notice a slight discrepancy.... Rivens have lowered stats on Kuva weapons, because they have a different disposition.

Are riven mods weapon specific?

Riven Mods are special mods for primary weapons, secondary weapons, melee weapons, archguns, and robotic weapons.

How does riven determine price?

Go to wftrader.com and search for rivens for the same weapon. The lowest price on the list is the value of your riven.

Are rivens worth it?

Rivens are only "needed" if you're competing with other people rather than what the game is throwing at you. Non riven weapons will handle the content of the game just fine, it's when you start trying to do something better than someone else that you end up going for them.

How much do rivens cost?

Most unveiled rivens go for 5-15p depending on the unveiling task and the weapon.

Are riven mods good?

The Riven system is good for players that want some ridiculously specific stats like myself. But it's awful for players that hate rerolling stats until RNGesus decides you're allowed to have fun with your rifle, like myself. I love them. My Stradavar has 100% status now, and still sounds cool.

What is a good riven?

Good rivens are the ones that have good positives without negatives (and thus with lower values). Or have one-two good stats and one "okay" stat (like IPS damage, or some decent QoL stat like flight speed for projectile weapons).

Does mastery rank affect riven mods?

No. The Mastery Rank requirement on Rivens has zero impact on stats.

How much do veiled riven mods sell for?

There are no set prices, especially for veiled. I've seen them for 10-50 plat. Depends on the buyer and the seller, same as anything else.

Are riven mods tradable?

Working as intended. Yes, they are.

How many riven slivers make riven?

Riven Sliver is a fragmented part of a Riven Mod. 10 Slivers can be traded to Palladino in Iron Wake in return for a Riven Mod once a week.

What is riven disposition Warframe?

Basically disposition is the strength of a given mod. A riven for a weapon with a higher disposition will be stronger objectively with higher stats than one of a lower disposition. Essentially weapons that are less popular or weaker get higher dispositions.

How do I unlock sorties in Warframe?

You can access Sorties through the main navigation menu, as long as you have completed the War Within quest in your Codex. Once you have completed a Sortie mission, you will be able to take part in the same mission again, if you wish, but you will not get any rewards for it from the Sorties reward table.

How do you get primed mods?

Most Primed Mods in the game come from the Void Trader, Baro Ki'Teer. He will appear every two weeks on one of the public Relays, selling rare items for Ducats. All the Primed Mods will have their own cost of Credits and Ducats, and his stock will change every week.

How does riven work?

Riven mods are mods with randomized values and a Mastery Rank requirement. Before use, they must be 'unveiled' by completing the challenge listed on the mod while it is equipped somewhere in your loadout (on an appropriate weapon type).

Do riven mods work on KUVA weapons?

You can use the same riven on the base version and the kuva weapon. It will just have worse values on the kuva weapon.

Are rivens random?

Rivens for low-Disposition weapons will have small stat values, Rivens for high-Disposition weapons will have large stat values. Yes, everything is random about it. pretty much, but the range of the stats are decided by disposition of the weapon. 100% completely random.