What happens in K project?

What happens in K project?

The series is set when Japan is secretly being ruled by seven Kings of psychic clans called the Seven Clans of Color. Yashiro Isana, a seemingly normal student of Ashinaka High School, is targeted by HOMRA of the Red Clan and Scepter 4 of the Blue Clan, following the murder of pacifist Tatara Totsuka from HOMRA.

Why is it called K project?

The K in K project stands for König which is aprecciated to be engraved on the slate. This is for König project, the main project carried in the second war by Adolf K Weismann which translated into english is King project.

Is K project finished?

K Project Season 3: Renewed Or Canceled? As of now, GoHands is yet to announce the anime's third season. Well, soon after Season 2's release, the studio officially confirmed that the story of the anime series is complete.

Who is the strongest king in K project?

The Gold King

Why did Munakata kill Mikoto?

He were killed by the colorless king and as Mikoto kill him, he was killed by Munakata Reisi because if he didn't do this a huge area would be destroyed and a lot of people would be dead. Mikoto lived at a special place and Kushina Anna too, than both live above the bar Homra that also is the base for his clan.

How old is Mikoto?

Mikoto Suoh
Age24 (in K)
Height185 cm (6'1")

Who died in K project?

One night, he was shot and killed by the Colorless King, which eventually resulted in HOMRA's manhunt for his murderer. Unaware to him, his death was staged by Nagare Hisui as part of "his game". Which makes Nagare the one responsible for Tatara's death....
Tatara Totsuka
English VoiceLucien Dodge
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