Are the forges on rotation?

Are the forges on rotation?

There are four different Forges that rotate on the daily reset time of 9 a.m. PST. To complete a successful Forge run, players must take out glowing enemies, pick up the orb, and throw it at the Forge. After defeating the boss following the second wave, players will be rewarded with loot.

How do you open a fishhook lock?

Once the boss falls, the Forge will spit out some glimmer, some engrams, and the successfully forged weapon. But behind it, a Black Armory chest will also appear. Go up to the chest and open it for the Fishhook key. To open the mysterious box's Fishhook lock, inspect the key and hold the action button to “use” it.

How do you do the lock and key quest?

Specifically, you need to shoot down floating objects between the end of the first round and the end of the second round of each Forge to earn 'Maximum Temper'. As long as someone in your session does it, it will then give you the key when you end the Forge.

Is Izanagi's Burden good?

Izanagi's Burden But if you want a boss-crushing weapon in your Kinetic slot then this is absolutely your best choice. While the big cull of content at the start of Beyond Light may have removed its catalyst from the game, it still is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to boss damage.

Did Erentil get nerfed?

Fusions like Erentil got their range nerfed. Back-up plan got nerfed. Fusions did get a target acquisition buff.

What is the God roll Erentil?

The god roll for PvP would be jolt, flash or torch sight, Liquid Coils (more impact, more charge time), under pressure and high impact rounds, with a range masterwork, and targeting adjuster mod. Turn yourself into a god of destruction, a god among noobs in the crucible. get yourself an Erentil today.