What Rep Do you have to be to get legendary gear?

What Rep Do you have to be to get legendary gear?

Legendary gear is the highest tier and starts dropping when the hero you are playing is at rep 7. Pro tip: hold on to your crates until your hero is Rep 8 and then use them to get only Legendary gear.

What Rep Do you get heroic gear?

Epic gear will start dropping for a hero at Reputation level 5 and become consistent at Reputation level 6.

What is refined gear for honor?

If you are referring to refined gear, refinable gears have a chance to drop whenever you loot a Legendary gear for a Hero of Reputation 9 or higher. The chances to gain a Refinable gear increases with your reputation level.

How do you get high rarity gear for honor?

To earn higher level gear, you must level up your specific character. You'll earn common gear up until level 21, and blue gear up until your third reputation level. Just remember: Progression is locked to each specific hero; it is not shared across every hero in a faction.

What is Max rep for honor?

Originally posted by BeaverBites: You can rep every hero to rep 60, the knights, vikings, and samurai have 6 characters, the wulin have 4. 22 x 60 = 1320 Add another 60 with Vortiger and it's 1380.

Can you get 4 perks in for honor?

Techically, yes. You need 1800 points for 4.

What is the highest armor rating in for honor?


Does gear score matter in for honor?

Theres basically no scaling as you go up in gear score, you just hit tiers on when you can have more perks, beyond that, gear score holds no purpose.

Can you have 3 perks in for honor?

One, you can only get 3 perks because you have access to 6 total Major Perks and 6 total Minor Perks on your gear stats. Two, if you actually upgrade your gear fully to max level you're wasting a bunch of points, and therefore steel, and therefore money if you purchased a microtransaction.

How do you activate perks of honor?

Every piece of equipment will grant points towards one or two specific Perks. To activate a Perk, you need to reach a certain point threshold by equipping gear containing the same effect. Gaining more than the required number of points for Perk activation will not make the Perk stronger than the listed bonus.

How many perks can you have for honor?

When Marching Fire launches there will be 21 perks available in the game. 7 offensive perks, 7 defensive perks and 7 assist perks. Each Hero will have access to a pre-determined set of 7 perks, which may be a mixture of two categories.

How does the perk system work in for honor?

Each piece of gear will give you an amount of points towards one or two perks. Once you've reached the required number of points for a perk by equipping enough gear of that type, the perk is activated. If the equipped gear gives less points than the minimum required for a perk, it will not activate.

What are diamonds in for honor?

In the main menu, multiplayer menu, etc, it lists your name. Under that, it lists your total Reputation, your Scavenger Crates, and your Steel.

How do I get refined gear for honor?

Refinable gears have a chance to drop whenever you loot a Legendary gear for a Hero of Reputation 9 or higher. The chances to gain a Refinable gear increases with their reputation level.

What does remedy mean in for honor?

hero kills give 10

What is radiant rebound for honor?

Radiant Rebound: Gain 20% bonus movement speed for 10 seconds upon Spawn or being Revived. Feline Agility: When attaining a renown level, gain 4% bonus movement speed for the first, and 2% for the rest. Total of 10% bonus movement speed at level 4 renown.

Does Aegis and shields stack?

Yes. It affects shields from any and all sources, including other Perks, Boosts in Elimination/Breach/Skirmish/etc, Revenge activation, allied Feats, anything.

What is Galestorm?

Galestorm is a Celestial Brush technique given to Amaterasu and Chibiterasu by Kazegami, the god of wind, in both Ōkami and Ōkamiden. To use Galestorm, draw either a spiral or a loop.

Did Gale Storm sing?

Josephine Owaissa Cottle (Ap – J), known professionally as Gale Storm, was an American actress and singer. After a film career from 1940 to 1952, she starred in two popular television programs of the 1950s, My Little Margie and The Gale Storm Show. Six of her songs were top ten hits.

What are shields in for honor?

Shields were used to put between you and your enemy while you stabbed them with a long range weapon like a spear, and yes, stab, stop swinging that spear around like this is an anime valkyrie.

Do perks stack in for honor?

Feats and Perks do not stack on the same stat iirc in most cases.

What are the best perks in for honor?

You can find more details about all the perks' categorization and their functionality on the InfoHub page.

  • Set O: Galestorm, Devourer, Headhunter.
  • Set D: Bastion, Vengeful Barrier, Last Stand/Bulk Up.
  • Set A: Valkyrie, Nobushi and Tiandi.
  • Set O/D: Devourer, Endurance, Head Hunter.
  • Set O/A: Devourer, Remedy, Head Hunter.

What Rep Do you get purple gear for honor?

Rep 5