What is the hardest word to guess?

What is the hardest word to guess?

Jazz proved to be the most difficult word to guess since it's short, has a common vowel in the center, but is framed by two uncommon letters: J and Z. Even with over a dozen chances to solve for the puzzle, when confronted with “jazz”, the computer would fail.

What's the 27th letter in the alphabet?

The ampersand often appeared as a character at the end of the Latin alphabet, as for example in Byrhtferð's list of letters from 1011. Similarly, & was regarded as the 27th letter of the English alphabet, as taught to children in the US and elsewhere.

What word has all 26 letters?

An English pangram is a sentence that contains all 26 letters of the English alphabet. The most well known English pangram is probably “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”. A perfect pangram is a pangram where each of the letters appears only once.

What 7 letter word has no vowels?


What is the longest word with one vowel?


What is the longest word without vowel?


Why is the letter Y not a vowel?

Y is considered to be a vowel if… ... When y forms a diphthong—two vowel sounds joined in one syllable to form one speech sound, such as the "oy" in toy, "ay" in day, and "ey" in monkey—it is also regarded as a vowel. Typically, y represents a consonant when it starts off a word or syllable, as in yard, lawyer, or beyond.

Which word has no meaning?

It is in fact in the Oxford English Dictionary (login required), defined as "A nonsense word" (i.e. a word that has no meaning), though notes that in practice, used by children, "typically expressing excited approbation: fantastic, fabulous."

What is the hardest word to spell in the dictionary?

Top 10 Hardest Words to Spell

  • Misspell. Let the misspelling begin with the misspelled word misspell. ...
  • Pharaoh. This misspelled word falls into the error category of 'you spell it like it sounds'. ...
  • Weird. Fear the confusing power of the' I before E'! ...
  • Intelligence. ...
  • Pronunciation. ...
  • Handkerchief. ...
  • logorrhea. ...
  • Chiaroscurist.

What is a word for meaningless?

worthless, insignificant, trivial, senseless, inconsequential, hollow, unimportant, useless, absurd, pointless, vague, empty, futile, aimless, blank, double-talk, feckless, fustian, good-for-nothing, hot air.

What is the word for meaningless talk?

Noun. Lengthy but vague or trivial talk or writing. waffle. nonsense. prattle.

Why is it called waffling?

Waffle is language without meaning; blathering, babbling, droning. One might waffle throughout an essay or a presentation, when not having enough material, or needing to fill in time. The term may be derived from the Scots verb waff "to wave, fluctuate".

What are the synonyms for unnecessary?


  • avoidable.
  • gratuitous.
  • needless.
  • redundant.
  • superfluous.
  • unneeded.
  • useless.
  • worthless.

What is empty talk?

empty talk - loud and confused and empty talk; "mere rhetoric" empty words, hot air, palaver, rhetoric. hokum, meaninglessness, nonsense, nonsensicality, bunk - a message that seems to convey no meaning. Based on WordNet 3.

What do you call someone who breaks a promise?

To renege is to go back on your word or fail to keep a promise. Not quite lying, reneging is more a sin of omission — failing to do what you said you would. The Latin negāre means "to deny," so by reneging on your word, you are denying someone whatever you promised them.

What are empty promises?

(idiomatic) A promise that is either not going to be carried out, worthless or meaningless. noun.

What are empty words in writing?

Empty phrases are group of words that don't actually mean anything. They are verbal filler that distract from and undermine the substance of your writing. Recognizing and correcting for empty phrases is important on the ACT and SAT.

Is Empty words a metaphor?

By the way, the title of the song – “Empty Words” – is a metaphor as well. It is a straightforward case of the Conduit Metaphor (Michael Reddy, 1979). It views the words as containers, where humans store meanings.

What is empty word?

"Empty" words refer to Low Information Content (LIC) expressions such as these listed below; X signals words or phrases that you should drop entirely from your written communications. Note how many of these phrases start (and end) with little connecting words such as: at, by, for, in, it, of, to, and with.

What is empty language in English?

Empty Phrases in a Nutshell At their core, empty phrases are the same as saying, “the topic that I'm going to write about is…” Of course, this is redundant. You don't need to introduce that you're going to discuss a particular topic; you just need to introduce that topic.