Is nation of beasts good?

Is nation of beasts good?

Even though it's not the best hand cannon for PVP, Nation of Beasts a decent choice for those looking for a weapon that isn't Dire Promise or Gnawing Huner.

How good is dire promise?

Unlike a lot of the seasonal weapons, you will need a bit of luck and patience to really get a good roll of Dire Promise. However, it is a superb hand cannon and definitely worth keeping if you manage to nag the elusive god roll.

Is recluse still good in PvP?

The Recluse is good in PVE for clearing enemies and it was great in PVP, but not so much these days with the rise of auto rifles and the nerf we saw to it.

Did they nerf recluse?

The submachine gun The Recluse — which kills very quickly in Destiny's PvE and PvP content — will finally receive a damage nerf. Titan's Exotic One-Eyed Mask helmet will also lose the ability to grant Titans an overshield after scoring a kill. Both of these nerfs come with a great deal of community praise.

What are adept weapons destiny?

Additionally, Adept weapons can use Adept mods such as the Adept Big Ones Spec which gives you 7.

What are Pinnacle weapons?

While some Legendaries rival Exotics in strength, there are unique weapons called Pinnacle weapons. These guns have unique perks that are almost like Exotics, granting powerful bonuses when used in a certain way. While Bungie has retired this class of item, all previous pinnacles are available to farm and use.