How do you get Satou tribe?

How do you get Satou tribe?

Researched online a bit and found out how to get it: You need to play Izanami Forge and then forge the golden weapon frame Pulse Rifle or the Bow from Ada1. I actually got it first try with the Blast Furnace Pulse Rifle. Finally finished that title and badge with it too.

How do you get the house of Meyrin shaders?

House of Meyrin only drops from Gofannon, any sniper or hand cannon frame forged there has a chance to drop with it, powerful frame or not. The forge armor should also have a chance to get it when obtained in Gofannon.

How do you get Bergusia shader?

The Bergusian Night shader is only available through the Bergusia forge. When you forge a weapon or get a piece of armor from the Bergusia forge, it has a chance of coming with the Bergusian Night shader applied. You must dismantle the piece of gear to actually get a copy of the shader added to your collection.

How do you get Bergusian night shader beyond light?

How do you get Bergusian Night Shader?

  1. 6/30/2020 3:41:24 PM. Ejm71894. It only comes from dismantling curated weapons from doing black armory frames or from scourge of the past. If you get a curated roll dismantle it and you'll get bergusian night. ...
  2. 6/30/2020 3:20:16 PM. Cefael. dismantle a forge weapon that has the shader applied.