How do you marry in discord?

How do you marry in discord?

Just say something along the lines of "yes" or "no" into chat, and it'll interpret that from there.

  1. propose @User#1231 This command allows you to initiate a marriage with another user. ...
  2. divorce @User#1231 This does the opposite of the marry command, as you can imagine.

Can you get unbanned from dank Memer?

A partnership program available to servers who actively use Dank Memer, where we bring our users to you! Community 41. Update: Thanks to the new Dank Memer rules, we have been unbanned. BE YOU!!!

How do I increase my bank in dank Memer?

To increase your bank you need to use currency commands or bank notes (you can get these by pls fish, pls beg, quests, loot boxes, trading for them, etc.).

What does Cookie do dank Memer?

Cookies are a Collectible Item. They are highly common being able to be found from begging, and searching. They are the most useless item, as Cookies have no use like Pink Phallics, as they have a whole Pink Phallic donating system via "pls use".

What does fake ID do dank Memer?

The Fake ID disguises you on the Server Leaderboards, it chooses a random username. Most effective in larger servers. It will be disabled when you fail a steal or after a real life week.

What does multiplier do in dank Memer?

Multiplier. A multiplier increases your total winnings in slots and bets on the bot, not your chances of winning, just the amount won. It also helps with leveling up, not as much as the EXP multiplier you get from cheese though.

How much does a rare Pepe sell for dank Memer?

Rare Pepe ─ 125,000 coins ─ Only the rarest of the rare pepes. A flex item.

What do pets do in dank Memer?

Pets will gain a random amount of experience whenever you interact with them, or anytime they do something for you like stop a robbery or find an item. This means feeding your pet, washing it, playing with them, etc. You can see your pets current level/experience by using pls pet.

How much is a pet dank Memer?

Play. Use pls pet play to play a Dank Memer mini game. It costs you 1-100 coins.

What can you do with laptop dank Memer?

Use a laptop to post memes. Randomly on each command, there is a chance you will have a trending meme (big payout) or a dead meme (possible punishment).

How do I increase dank Memer pet energy?

It automatically increases when you give your pet food, wash them, or play with them.

How do you do the dank Memer heist?

Join them by typing JOIN HEIST in the next 60 seconds! for example: CatsRuel is starting a bank robbery. They're trying to break into Sylveon's bank! Join them by typing JOIN HEIST in the next 60 seconds!

How do you level up dank Memer fast?

The strategy to level-up the fastest is to use the currency commands as much as possible, and also sell 1 Fish and use a Robbers Wishlist as much as possible. Dank Slots™ ╭・・We are a Dank Memer Community・・ ╮ **What do we offer you? [1%] Have tips enabled.

How long does padlock last dank Memer?

Anyone who tries to steal you after you activate it will automatically fail. It expires after a year and 5 days if you aren't stolen from for that time period.

What does a landmine do in dank Memer?

The Landmine is an Tool, it is on Page 4 of The Shop, when used it causes a 50 - 50 chance when somebody robs you they will Die, causing them to lose all their coins, it activates for 24 Hours and if somebody does set it into effect it will go away.

What does padlock do in dank Memer?

Users know and use Dank Memer is a feature-rich Discord bot you never wanted but... Padlock is activated bot will ban you though webhooks from various services commands that automatically give remove!

How much is a hunting rifle dank Memer?

The Hunting Rifle is an item in the Shop that costs 10,000 coins.