How far can a grenade launcher shoot?

How far can a grenade launcher shoot?

M203 grenade launcher
Launcher, Grenade, 40mm, M203
Rate of fire5 to 7 round/min aimed shots 15 to 17 round/min area suppression
Muzzle velocity250 ft/s (76 m/s)
Effective firing range382 yds (350 m) Fire-team sized area target; 164 yds (150 m) Vehicle or weapon point target
Maximum firing range437 yds (400 m)

Can a civilian own a M203?

A true M203 is a 40mm launcher, intended for launching HE grenades in military use and less lethal munitions within law enforcement uses. The only legal way for a civilian to obtain a 40mm M203 is to purchase one from a NFA dealer on a form 4 (or build your own on a form 1, but thats beyond the discussion here.)

How much ammo can a soldier carry?

Depending on the mission each soldier may carry a couple of hundred rounds of 7.

Why should you open your mouth during an explosion?

The shock wave from the explosion creates a pressure wave in the body. The air in the various cavities moves with this pressure wave. ... Opening your mouth attempts to give this air a way to leave the body and minimize damage.

Can a body block a grenade?

There are many forms of grenade with different amounts of explosive. Many of them will drive shrapnel through a body. The body will absorb much of the energy of the shrapnel, but you can't count on it stopping it all. This shrapnel may cause a mortal wound.

Can a grenade kill a bear?

Grenade shoved down its throat. Occupies its mouth so that the rest of you is not subject to a bite, explosion actually kills the bear and it will not come after you again.

Can you stop a grenade from exploding?

Yes, for the US grenades we were issued long ago, you can put the pin back in — as long as you don't release the lever which does NOT (typically) fold out but is ejected and simply FALLS OFF. However, you are cautioned to just throw it if a safe area is available.