How do you open the gate for Wells?

How do you open the gate for Wells?

In order to open the gate for Wells, climb the enormous pile of clocks in the main room and jump up the air vent. Hop down into the next room and hit the button to open the gate. Push forward and clear out all the enemies from the next room.

How do I traverse the Oceanview Motel threshold?

Ring the bell so that both the first and second door on the left is open. Make the room behind the first door (i.e room 222) look like the room behind the second door (i.e room 224).

How do you cross the Atlas chamber?

The way to Atlas Chamber Take the key, go back to the beginning of the Motel and open the closed door. Pull the cord three times and you will go back to the real world. The bridge leading to the Black Rock Processing has been lowered, so you can go on. After a short walk, you will hear shots.

Where is the turbine room in control?

This will allow you to start the A Good Defence side mission. When you're ready, go through the door in the top-left hand corner of the room signposted as the Turbine Room.

How do you get to Black Rock?

Find the Black Rock Quarry Take the elevator. Take down the enemies ahead and keep pressing forward. Note: take the path on the left to unlock the doors and connect the NSC Control room with this area. When you're ready, keep heading towards the Black Rock Quarry.