How do I get shrapnel perk Codm?

How do I get shrapnel perk Codm?

The Shrapnel perk is one such reward offered for free in the Season 8 Battle Pass. Simply play matches and earn XP to level up your pass till level 14. Doing that will unlock this new perk.

What does shrapnel perk do?

Shrapnel is a tier-3 perk that grants players two pieces of lethal equipment while also augmenting explosive damage to delay health regeneration.

What is perk dead silence in cod mobile?

COD Mobile loadout screen. The Dead Silence perk in COD Mobile is pretty simple. It grants the players silent movement while trodding through the map, and they can unlock it upon reaching XP level 27. After reaching the minimum required level, gamers can equip it in the Blue (third) slot.

How do you get the tactical mask perk?

The Tactical Mask perk in COD Mobile is one of the most effective perks that protects gamers during multiplayer matches. It is a part of the Blue unlockable perks in COD Mobile. Gamers can unlock it easily upon reaching level 43 in-game. The Tactical Mask decreases the opponent's tactical equipment duration.

What is a tactical mask perk?

Tactical Mask is a Tier 3 Perk that becomes available at Level 32. This perk reduces the effects of Flashbangs, Concussion Grenades, and Shock Charges.

What is hardwired perk in Call of Duty Mobile?

Hard Wired returns in Call of Duty: Mobile as a Tier 2 perk. It makes become immune to Counter-UAV and EMP Grenade, and no longer trigger the Trip Mine. The enemy Tracker perk are also reduced.

How do you get restock perk in Call of Duty Mobile?

In order to unlock the restock perk and HG 40 – Pine Cone rare skin, you need to go through six different tasks. Completing all of them will give you every reward from the event.

What does restock perk do in warzone?

Restock perk resupplies Tactical and Lethal equipment over 30 seconds. Once the timer is up, the expended tactical or lethal equipment will be available again for you to use.

What is the best perk in cod mobile?

6 of the Best Call of Duty: Mobile Perks

  1. Vulture. Vulture is one of the most essential perks to equip for Team Deathmatch, as that will ensure you can replenish your ammo. ...
  2. Dead Silence. Dead Silence is a Blue Perk that can be invaluable in a lot of multiplayer game modes. ...
  3. Hardline. ...
  4. Agile. ...
  5. Fast Recover. ...
  6. Flack Jacket. ...
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