What exactly is the traveler in destiny?

What exactly is the traveler in destiny?

The Traveler is a mysterious spherical entity that hovers over Earth. It's origins are unknown, but after it arrived, Earth's Golden Age of space exploration began. The Traveler later sacrificed itself to stop an extraterrestrial threat that attempted to wipe the entire human race from existence, or so we thought.

What happened to the traveler Destiny 2?

The Speaker dies, shortly after admitting that he was pretty much lying about being the voice of the Traveler all along. Gaul turns into a giant-Gaul made of Light. The Traveler nukes him and shatters itself in the process, sending Light out far beyond the solar system.

How old is the traveler Genshin?

Traveler (Lumine & Aether) We do not know how old they actually are but it has been estimated that they're over 3000 years old.

Who is the traveler critical role?


Is Fjord in love with Jester?

Jester has had a crush on Fjord since early on, although at first it seemed very superficial. Fjord acted oblivious to her flirting for quite some time. However, after spending a lot of time travelling together, Fjord began to admit that he may reciprocate her feelings.

Do actors get paid for critical role?

All of the actors are paid actors!!! The second bombshell is that the actors are all paid by Geek & Sundry to just pretend to like gaming.

Why did Ashley Johnson leave critical role?

Ashley Johnson was absent for several lengthy periods over the first 86 episodes, due to her filming schedule for the NBC drama Blindspot, which ran from 2015 to 2020. On Ma, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the show went on an unplanned hiatus.