Who are the guardians?

Who are the guardians?

The Guardians of the Universe are the founders and leaders of the interstellar law enforcement agency known as the Green Lantern Corps, which they administer from their homeworld Oa at the center of the Universe. The Guardians resemble short humans with blue skin and white hair.

What is Guardians real name?

Guardian (James Jacob "Jim" Harper) is a DC Comics superhero introduced in April 1942 by writer/artist Joe Simon and artist Jack Kirby.

Is Guardians of the Galaxy DC or Marvel?

Guardians of the Galaxy, American superhero team created for Marvel Comics by writer Arnold Drake and artist Gene Colan. The group debuted in Marvel Super-Heroes no. 18 (January 1969).

What is Thanos's IQ?


Who is Thanos brother?


Is Kronos stronger than Thanos?

Thanos is actually the son of two Eternals. ... But Thanos is stronger than most Eternals. The only Eternal who is stronger than him is Kronos. Kronos was experimenting in his lab when an experiment went awry and destroyed his body, but his mind became one with space and time.

Is Harry Styles playing Thanos brother?

According to an update on the Reddit r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers, Harry Styles is going to have a small and yet memorable role as Starfox in Eternals. The character would be a hard one for Marvel to skip in their new movie. Starfox first appeared in Marvel comics in the mid-1970s. He was the younger brother of Thanos./span>

Who would win Thanos or Galactus?

While Thanos should be able to defeat Galactus with all six Infinity Stones, he may also be able to defeat Galactus with one or two stones, depending upon Galactus' own power levels at the time. For instance, Thanos could use the Time Stone to figure out the best method of attack./span>