Does impale work with elemental damage?

Does impale work with elemental damage?

Impale only get's applied by physical damage. If you use Avatar of Fire or convert all your damage to elemental, it will not work.

Does elemental damage affect spells?

"Elemental damage" will affect spells ONLY because spells don't use elemental damage from weapons. "Weapon elemental damage" and "weapon elemental damage with (wands, maces, swords etc.)" ill affect attacks ONLY because attacks use elemental damage from weapons.

How do you scale poison in Path of Exile?

Poison stacks scale up on your enemy linearly with the poison duration, so if your poison duration is 5 seconds, you need to be facetanking the enemy for 5 seconds and hitting him nonstop the whole time to reach full poison stacks - this almost never happens.

Is Poison good in Iceborne?

Monsters have higher health in Iceborne, so blast and poison were scaled up to compensate so they wouldn't get weaker with the increase. They do higher numbers worth of damage, but relative to monster health they're essentially doing the same amount.

Is lolth a demon or a god?

Lolth is a demon lord and a goddess worshipped by the drow (some myths propose that she was originally a goddess who was transformed into a demon). She displays formidable power and great cruelty with an affection for arachnids.

Can lolth be killed?

By all accounts lolth is very easy to kill.

What does lolth look like?

When participating in rituals, clerics of Lolth work unclad or wear black robes trimmed with dark red and purple (lesser or novitiate clerics instead wear dark purple or red trimmed with black). In some cities, they wear ornate helms carved to resemble writhing spiders, while in others heads are always left uncovered.

Who is the Spider Queen?


Is there a queen spider?

They can live in colonies with thousands of individuals. But none of these social spiders have reproductive divisions (no “queens”). Thus they are not truly eusocial like ants or termites. The fictional depiction of spider queens is likely the result of the fact that in almost all spiders, females are the dominant sex.