What nationality is Bray?

What nationality is Bray?


Is Bray in Dublin or Wicklow?

Bray is the most northerly town in Co. Wicklow, being located at the Dublin-Wicklow border, with parts of the town actually being located in Co. Dublin.

What is the biggest town in Wicklow?


How long is the Bray to Greystones Cliff Walk?

about 7 kilometres

Is Shankill in Dublin or Wicklow?

Shankill (Irish: Seanchill, meaning "Old Church") is an outlying suburb of Dublin, Ireland, situated in the administrative area of Dún Laoghaire–Rathdown. Located in the south-east of the historic County Dublin, close to the border with County Wicklow, it has a population of 14,257 (2016 census).

What does Shankill mean in Irish?

The Shankill Road (from Irish: Seanchill, meaning 'old church') is one of the main roads leading through west Belfast, in Northern Ireland. It runs through the working-class, predominantly loyalist, area known as the Shankill.

Is Shankill a Protestant road?

As a defined road, the Shankill dates to the 16th century when it formed part of the main road to Antrim. ... This area, though, was dominated by an Irish Catholic population, while the Shankill remained Protestant and Unionist.

Is Shankill a good place to live?

Property in Shankill is not particularly cheap, but it does offer some value compared to areas close by such as Killiney, Dalkey or Greystones to the south and its stock of late 20th century homes are built on a reasonably generous scale with off street parking and good sized gardens.

Is Shankill safe?

The Shankill Road itself is best avoided especially at night. Falls Park and the area around it is dimly lit at night and is best avoided. The Crumlin Road is a unionist area and is generally safe during the day but not at night.

Is ballybrack a good area?

Ballybrack has the amenities of some Dublin's best areas without prices to match. ... On the east side of the village, Military Road and the roads leading off it, despite being part of Ballybrack village and having the local post office located on it, are seen by many to be Killiney.

Is Killiney posh?

The area is described as the 'Amalfi Coast of Ireland' Drive nine-and-a-half miles southeast of Dublin and you'll discover the two tiny coastal villages of Killiney and Dalkey, which together comprise the city's most affluent suburb.

What postcode is Dalkey?

Dalkey, None, Dublin, Leinster: None_Ireland_Postcode Query.

Where should I not live in Dublin?

6 Most Dangerous areas in Dublin | Dublin Insider

  • Ballymun – Postcode – Dublin 11. ...
  • Ballyfermot – Postcode – Dublin 10. ...
  • Finglas – Postcode – Dublin 11. ...
  • Clondalkin – Postcode – Dublin 22. ...
  • Thomas Street – Coombe – Inchicore – Postcode – Dublin 8. ...
  • Sheriff Street – Postcode – Dublin 1.

What is the K district Dublin?

The K is Ireland's busiest policing district and includes Blanchardstown, Finglas and Cabra. With nothing off limits, viewers will see the full scale of murder investigations, drug raids and ongoing operations designed to keep gangland violence at bay.

What does Dublin 8 mean?

Dublin 8 includes Dolphin's Barn, Inchicore, Islandbridge, Kilmainham, Merchants Quay, Portobello, South Circular Road, the Phoenix Park and the Liberties. Notable buildings include Christchurch Cathedral and St. Patrick's Cathedral. It is one of only two postal districts to span the Liffey.

What is the roughest part of Dublin?

The most “dangerous” areas in Dublin.

  • Darndale. Darndale is an area in the Northside of Dublin that has a large number of social housing. ...
  • Jobstown. Jobstown is located in Tallaght, which is a suburb in the south west of Dublin. ...
  • Finglas. ...
  • Ballymun. ...
  • Sheriff Street. ...
  • Ballyfermot. ...
  • Clondalkin. ...
  • Other areas in Dublin that people consider rough.

Is Dublin safe for solo female travel?

Regardless of race, religion or gender, traveling in Ireland solo is generally quite safe. While there are some places on earth where women traveling alone face additional threats to safety, Ireland is definitely not one of them. In fact, Ireland could be regarded as a very safe place for the female traveler.

Is Dublin safe at night?

Dublin is a great place to explore new cultures, visit unique pubs, and take strolls to various tourist attractions and museums. However, as any other large city, it's essential to stay cautious every time you are traveling in Dublin, especially at night or near tourist areas which may attract criminals.

Is Tallaght rough?

It's important to know tallaght is a big area with some very rough estates and some quiet areas. Historically there were a lot of complaints about the lack of facilities and people from the inner city feeling they had been shipped out to public housing in the middle of nowhere, but the area has matured.

Is Dublin safer than London?

Quality of Life in Dublin. Cost of Living in Dublin....Safety comparisons London vs Dublin.
CityCrime Index
Dublin, Ireland50.

Is Dublin dangerous?

Dubliners believe they live in a city that is among the dirtiest, most dangerous and worst-managed in Europe, according to a new EU survey.

What is a good salary in Dublin?

A person working in Dublin typically earns around 45,200 EUR per year. Salaries range from 11,400 EUR (lowest average) to 202,000 EUR (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher). This is the average yearly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.