How much renown Do you need to be a vassal Bannerlord?

How much renown Do you need to be a vassal Bannerlord?

You need 150 renown to become a vassal and it may seem like a huge amount at first, but trust us it'll go by quick. Looters may only provide one or two renown per fight, but fights against enemy armies of one hundred plus units can provide almost ten renown! And those battles happen all the time when you're at war!

How do you become a vassal?

A vassal is a servant of a ruler, and are usually lords of castles and villages. There are many vassals in the game, each one aligned to a certain faction. The player can become a vassal by swearing an oath to a king or by marrying into the family of one of his vassals.

How do you farm renown in Bannerlord?

How to earn renown quickly in Bannerlord

  1. Join a kingdom. Joining a kingdom is one of the best ways to get renown in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. ...
  2. Fight against tougher foes. Picking fights against looters is easy, but no one really cares if you beat down stone throwers (and nor should they). ...
  3. Participate in tournaments.

How can I get faster in Bannerlord?

The easiest way to improve your world map speed is to buy horses. These must be horses, not mules. While mounts can be equipped on your main character and your companion, they cannot be equipped on units unless the unit requires horses for an upgrade.

How do you make money in Bannerlord?

My top tips to help you make money in Bannerlord

  1. Hunt looters and bandits. RECOMMENDED VIDEOS FOR YOU... ...
  2. Be mindful of trade rumors. ...
  3. Back your combat prowess in tournaments. ...
  4. Battle thugs. ...
  5. Complete quests. ...
  6. Ransom prisoners. ...
  7. Follow a big army around. ...
  8. Think twice before raiding.

How do I send herd to Bannerlord?

When you have arrived at the settlement where you need to deliver the herd, you should be able to see the relevant NPC, who you've been asked to provide the sheep to, shown in the menu at the top right of the screen. You can choose to speak with them from this menu to be transported directly to them.

Can you run Bannerlord?

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord is actually one of the few games to officially support a level of integrated GPUs! In order to run the game on at least Low settings, Taleworlds believes you'll need at least a GeForce GTX 660, or a Radeon HD 7850, or an Intel UHD Graphics 630 for your GPU/video card.

How much RAM is needed for Bannerlord?

8 GB

How many GB is Bannerlord?

60 GB

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