Where can I find Phaseglass?

Where can I find Phaseglass?

Where to find Phaseglass Needles in Destiny 2

  • Patrol missions.
  • Public Events.
  • Opening loot chests.
  • Defeating high-powered enemies and opening the chest that appears.
  • Completing Lost Sectors, Adventures and other missions on Io.
  • Daily Challenges on Io.

How do I get Kanai's Cube ingredients?

The only way to access it is by clicking the cube, or Zoltun Kulle standing beside it in town. Ingredients for Kanai's Cube recipes must be placed inside the cube. They are not pulled directly from the inventory or stash.

Where do I get the items for Kanai's Cube?

Zoltun Kulle's spirit and the Cube in Bastion's Keep Players may obtain the Cube if they survive through what remains of Sescheron and open the ancient king's lost tomb. It is found in the Elder Sanctum, within The Ruins of Sescheron in Act III on Adventure Mode only.

Why can't I get Kanai's Cube?

IIRC if the person who creates the game already has the cube, the cube will not be obtainable in that game. You would have to have your son's character start the game in order to get the cube.

Where is the Cube in Diablo 3?

Immortal Throne

Can you go back to previous acts in Diablo 3?

It is possible. At character selection screen select the act you wish to go to from the quest selection drop down box. ... You have to log out and then go to change quest to select the quest. Unfortunately, you can not switch acts in game.

How do you get powers for Kanai's Cube?

Place recipe items within the cube itself to begin. Either drag items to the Cube or Right-Click on them in your inventory. The recipe that I spent the most time with was Archive of Tal Rasha. It enables you to extract a Legendary Power off of the items you put into Kanai's Cube.

Can you change legendary powers?

Upgrading Legendary Items You can further upgrade existing Legendary Armor at the Runecarver or craft higher ranks directly. Once upgraded, your Legendary item will have better stats, but the Legendary Power effects will not change.

How do I upgrade from legendary to ancient?

The only way to upgrade a legendary to ancient is through rerolling. If you just want an ancient though then you can also try upgrading rares for the rare chance of getting the right bow and it being ancient, or do blood shards.